We are Professionals

  • We get you more bookings
  • We handle guest inquiries and questions
  • We save you time and make you money
  • We answer the phone and email 24/7


  • Servicing

    Regular servicing to make sure your RV stays on the road longer without large item failures due to neglect

  • Cleaning

    Your RV will be professionally cleaned to make sure your renters have the best looking RV possible. Additionally when you want to go on your trip it will be clean and ready for you to pick up

  • Insurance Administration

    In the unlikely event something gets damaged we will take care of the repair and claim with the insurance company

  • Customer Service

    We are here 9am-5pm CT should you need us, but if something is critical outside of these hours please send us an email at help@rvella.com


  • Secure Storage & Supervision

    We will look after your RV in a secure facility

  • Insurance for Each Rental

    Your rig is covered

  • Screening of Renters

    We take care of reviewing renters, checking their online profiles and working hard to make sure you don’t have a party bus made out of your RV

  • Renters You Want

    You can pre determine the type of renter you would like your RV to be rented too