What makes RVella different?

We are owners just like you. We know what it feels like to have someone else use your RV and how hard it is to handle all the booking inquiries, manage the cleaning, check-in and check-out guests, and all the other things relating to managing a rental.
Unlike most consignment rental companies, we are not selling & buying RV’s with rentals being an afterthought. We are focussed on getting you bookings and making the whole process as simple as possible.
We take professional photos, write compelling descriptions of your baby and give it the best chance to rent well. Each RV is treated as if it was our own.

Do you handle renter communications?

Yes. This is a key part of our service as it is very time consuming and difficult to do well. Renters have a variety of questions and demands and our skilled customer service team is trained to treat every renter professionally, timeously and ensure you don’t have to spend time managing this.

How does RVella work?

We focus on maximizing bookings and revenue for your RV. We make sure it is marketed professionally, inquiries are handled promptly and we treat you and your renters professionally.

Can I select my renters?

We work with you to decide which renters you are comfortable with. From there we screen renters to match your preferences.

Can I still use my RV?

Absolutely. Just let us know what dates you are wanting to use it and we can book it on the calendar. Should your RV be rented for the dates you wanted we will find another RV for you to rent as discounted rates.

What do you charge me?

If we manage and market your RV, we split the net revenue with you. If you manage and we market, then we get 10% of the booking value.